Hi there

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my name is
Bas van den Wijngaard
and I am an...

No, of course not. I am a frontend developer and I build websites. I do this without a cape or a mask. I’m also not a code-ninja or HTML assassin and I do not have a black belt in web development.

What do I have? Over 15 years of experience as a web developer.

In those years I worked on frontend and backend and I even did a little bit of webhosting and DevOps at the same time. Like some sort of one-man-band developer that can do everything, but is expert at nothing. This is why a while ago I decided to mainly focus on frontend development. So I can be an expert at that.

With great power comes great responsibility
— Uncle Ben

This is where I want my main focus to be as frontend developer. Making awesome websites and online experiences that are accessible for everyone on as many devices as possible.